China Hosts ID5/TM5 Annual Meetings Online2021-11-09

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) hosted the 2021 Industrial Design 5 (ID5) and Trademark 5 (TM5) annual meetings online from November 1 to 5. Both groups, which comprise competent authorities from China, the U.S., EU, Japan and the Republic of Korea, concluded their joint statements after reaching consensus at the meetings.

ID5 Annual Meeting

Both CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Director General Daren Tang delivered keynote speeches at the opening ceremony of the November 1-2 ID5 gathering. Shen said: "As one of the important types of IP, industrial design has a unique bearing on post-Covid economic recovery and people's pursuit of a better life. China is moving rapidly toward the accession to the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs, expecting to integrate ourselves into the global system for designs and help the penetration of Chinese creations, designs and products into the global market. We expect the partner offices to strive to build an efficient, interoperable design protection system that benefits all and offers quality protection for creative designs."

In his presentation, Tang said that the ID5 strives to build a bridge to engage with SMEs, enhance connections between IP and the design industry, empower the cooperation among the partner offices to support optimization of the global design system and inspiration of innovation in the design field. WIPO looks forward to working with the ID5 to offer more friendly and convenient services to more design users in the world.

Under the 2021 ID5 Joint Statement, the partner offices will collaborate in the context of the pandemic, enhance cooperation in digitalization and emerging technologies, protect creative designs, contribute to economic recovery and quality development. The Statement will be released after the completion of internal ratification procedures at the respective partner offices.

At the closed-door meeting on November 1, representatives of the partner offices respectively introduced the developments and the next steps of the projects led by them, exchanged views on the 13 ongoing projects; approved the completion of three projects, namely Study of Priority Document Exchange by ID5 Offices, ID5 Catalogue of Quality Services Involving Users and Study of Design Non-Patent Literature Data Resources among ID5 Offices; approved the launch of a new project, Informative User Guide for the View and Drawing Requirements of Designs among ID5 Offices, with a goal to offer an easier access to users filing design applications at the partner offices. The meeting also updated the ID5 Operational Guidelines.

At the annual user meeting on November 2, the partner offices briefed the industry on the latest developments of their respective offices and the results of the closed-door meeting. The attendants talked through interested design subjects, such as changes of users' filing habits during the pandemic, exploring scenarios for online communication, upgrading digitalization of services. Honor Terminal Company and several other Chinese representatives added their input.

CNIPA Deputy Commissioner Gan Shaoning attended the users' gathering and stressed: "The ID5 work together to offer better protection for creative designs. Since the founding of the ID5 in 2015, the partner offices have been valuing users' comments and accomplished multiple findings together to respond to the users' calls. We look forward to continuously upgrading our services to better meet our users' needs."

TM5 Annual Meeting

At the opening ceremony of the TM5 annual meeting from November 3 to 5, Shen said: "The Chinese government has always heeded attention to trademark protection. Both the recently-issued the Compendium of Building an IP Powerhouse Country (2021-2035) and the 14th Five-Year Plan of IP Protection and Use provide a raft of trademark-specific measures, including amending the Trademark Law in time, improving the trademark protection system, upgrading examination quality and efficiency, facilitating brand-building practices. There are active groups of trademark users in the home countries/regions of the partner offices, which also happen to have the markets attracting the most attention from users around the world. The TM5 cooperation is very constructive for the trademark system in the partner's home countries/regions, and even the international system, particularly during the current pandemic, when the rapid development of e-commerce drives up the surge of the trademark applications for the products sold online, thus creating new challenges for us all. We expect the partner offices to further improve trademark examination rules, upgrade examination quality and efficiency, speed up digitalization, build a highly-efficient trademark registration system to better serve users and contribute to economic recovery."

The 2021 TM5 Joint Statement stresses the partner offices' determination in taking on challenges, enhancing cooperation in digitalization and new emerging technologies, facilitating brand-building, contributing to business development and economic recovery. The Statement will be released after the completion of internal ratification procedures at the respective partner offices.

During the closed-door meetings from November 3 to 4, the partner offices discussed the 16 ongoing projects; approved the completion of two projects, namely Comparative Analysis on Examination Results, and Product and Service Names Admissible at the TM5 Offices; approved the launch of two new projects to improve efficiency of internal archive management and trademark protection in review procedures. The meeting also discussed operational procedures of the TM5 for more efficient cooperation in the future.

At the user meeting on November 5, the partner offices briefed on the latest developments of their respective offices and the results of the closed-door meetings. The partner offices exchanged views with over 40 users on the trademark issues of their prime concerns in the post-Covid context, such as changes of users' filing habits, digital consumption's impact on trademark system, upgrading offices' services with digitalization. The meeting enabled the users to be educated on the TM5 cooperation, and the other way around, let the partners to listen to the users' opinions for future production of more cooperative results responding to those opinions in the post-Covid context.

CNIPA Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin attended the users' gathering and said: "The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of digital technologies and economy, which in turn brings massive amounts of trademark applications and users' new needs for trademark filing and protection, raising the bar higher for us trademark offices. We expect the partner offices to use the TM5 platform to listen to the users' needs, further our cooperation and offer quality services to them."


Source: CNIPA

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